Sponsor a Hive- Beekeeping Experience 2023

Sponsor a Hive- Beekeeping Experience 2023

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Spring 2023

Sponsoring a hive is a great way to help pollinators and experience beekeeping without the full financial and time commitments of owning your own bees.

Sponsorship cost is per hive. The fee covers the cost of new hive equipment, the bees, tools and time required to perform inspections and all required treatments to keep them healthy. Including honey extraction and processing.

  • We own and maintain the bees.
  • The sponsored hives are kept at our shop in Minesing.
  • Personalize the hive equipment. You can paint and decorate the hive just the way you like. *Optional* 
  • Sponsors get 2 one-on-one visits to participate during an inspection. All protective clothing is provided.
  • Demonstration of the honey extraction process.
  • x1 case (12 jars) of honey from your sponsored hive(s). Per hive. Includes personalized label.
  • Family name and/or business listed on our website recognizing your contribution to helping pollinators.

Season is May to September. We will accept sponsorships until end of March.

Limited spots available to ensure all sponsers get the one-on-one time with us and the bees.