Bees, Wasps & Swarms

During the warm months we get many calls to deal with swarms of bees, bee colonies, wasps, hornets and bumble bees.

Honey bee swarms look terrifying but are actually quit harmless. Swarming is a part of the honey bee reproductive cycle. A colony gets very large and a portion of the bees including a queen will split from the hive and look for a new home. A swarm is what happens while the bees are looking for a new home and are usually temporary. Lasting a few hours to a couple days. Swarms are very docile and are easily caught and rehomed by a beekeeper, in most cases for free.

Honey bee colonies are the result of a swarm moving into a new place they will call home. This can often be hollowed trees or walls/roof of houses.

Again, honey bees are not aggressive by nature and may never bother people. The issue is the honey comb they construct inside the walls of a house can cause damage. Nests can have large combs within days of moving in to the new home. It is important to have the bees removed alive where possible and most importantly, the honey comb. Honey comb can leak, mold and attract pests like ants, mice and others. Causing damage to the interior walls, vapor barrier, insulation and wood.

This often involves opening a section of wall or roof to expose the comb.

This job is often messy and can take several hours to complete. These services called "cutouts" are not free and should be done by someone with experience.

Wasps and hornets are usually fairly simple to remove for the experienced beekeeper. 

We can help help in most situations. Give us a call!

Above are some examples of honey bee colonies we have removed from homes recently.